vienots un drošs e-pastu un datu uzglabāšanas serviss


secure corporate e-mail server & cloud data storage

integrated and secure e-mail services with cloud data storage

Our daily working routines have become more dynamical and swifter – we do not have time to wait for a colleague to compile and send us the data whilst we are on an airplane replying to e-mails, or we may be in a situation when we need to plan and organize a meeting online without any interferences and to be able to send enormous data to all the participants. At the same time, we cannot take the risks of losing sensitive data to the web or to be certain that a wireless connection in a cafeteria is secured enough and unauthorized person will not gain access to it.


How should a modern company communication platform look like?

It should not be overcomplicated, the workers should be able to easily access main functions like documents storage, calendars, e-mails using any device (that supports it and have internet access) anytime, anywhere

Sensitive information, client data should be well protected and connections secured modified in accordance to state law and GDPR regulations

Why should I switch to IceWarp?

Large number of entrepreneurs worldwide are using open and free of charge e-mail sources such as Gmail, Hotmail,, etc. Users of this sources almost never ask themselves why this service is free of charge, where is the server and all the data located, can I trust this service and will it be available tomorrow? Who else has access to my data, content and contacts?

These are just simple questions but still they are left without an adequate attention by most users.


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What does IceWarp e-mail server and communication hub include?

IceWarp on the other hand is combined communication environment which is being improved and updated for the last 10 years. Created from the best communication, collaboration, security and mobility features available, IceWarp dictates tendencies that create effective working conditions and company communication environment.


Platform has broad settings possibilities to meet client preference.


5GB e-mail, calendar & scheduler, TeamChat & 20GB file storage for each user



20 GB e-mail with arhivation, Chat with VOIP, Office & 50GB file storage for each user


How can I switch to IceWarp?

SIA eXpoint team of specialists will administer fast and convenient transition from any communication platform being used before to IceWarp platform. We offer full education programs to all users, in addition offering 24/7 technical support and consulting.

How to find us?

Brivibas street 76 - 34
Riga, LV-1001


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